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Automate your estoppel letters.  Our low cost, powerful SaaS is designed to make the estoppel letter process easier and faster.

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Record HOA or Condo liens instantly and automatically in the public records.  Receive recording information in minutes.

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We Automate Estoppel Letters

Orange Lien Data's EstoppeXpress is the only technology platform that has the capability of aggregating all of your pertinent information related to your HOA estoppel letters.  No matter the format or platform(s) EstoppelXpress will automate the process of producing estoppel letters.

Specifically designed to serve home owners and condominium associations, Orange Lien Data’s EstoppelXpress platform seamlessly integrates your platform and easily indexes your information by name, address, tax ID number, and parcel ID number.   Moreover, when you opt to use this web portal service, Orange Lien Data will integrate at no cost to you.

What do we mean
by Low Cost?

We have been getting this question a lot lately. We really do mean low cost. For just a few dollars per request we will take care of your estoppel letter requests. In short, we will handle everything in the process.

  • We build the web portal.

  • We maintain the site.

  • We pay for the integrations.

  • We collect your fees.

  • We reconcile the reports.

  • We indemnify you against loss.

We really do mean LOW COST.

Our service is high quality, our process is transparent, and it is delivered to you for just a few dollars per letter.


When you make the important decision to partner with us, you will receive many benefits.

The need to interact with Lien Search and Title Companies is completely eliminated, they subscribe to our service, paying a nominal fee per search in addition to the fees you charge for information (if applicable). Your valuable time is protected and interruption to your workflow is significantly reduced. You are indemnified from loss.

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