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What do you do?

Orange Data's MuniConnect is the only technology platform that has the capability of aggregating all of your municipal information related to codes, permits, special assessments, and utilities. No matter the format or platform(s), MuniConnect will automate the process of producing title and lien searches.

How do you do it?

Specifically designed to serve government agencies, Orange Data’s MuniConnect platform seamlessly integrates departments tasked with conducting municipal title and lien searches, easily indexing this information by name, address, Tax and Parcel ID number. Moreover, when you opt to use this web portal service, Orange Lien Data will integrate at no cost to you.

What are your integration/service/monthly fees?

ZERO. Our clients never pay a dime for integration and ongoing fulfillment of requests.  Our fee for service is paid by the 3rd party requestor, which they are happy to do because reports are delivered same day and guaranteed to be accurate.

How can Orange Data help my department?

Orange Data services make an impact by streamlining operations & maximizing staff productivity with respect to title and lien search requests that come through various departments along with collecting overdue code enforcement fines, filing liens, and closing open/expired permits.

We handle this process internally, why would we contract to an outside company?

While Orange Data respects the internal process of staff fulfilling title and lien search requests, partnering with our team eliminates ALL phone calls, emails, letters & faxes (including multiple inquiries), which frees your staff from the hours to fulfill these requests from outside parties.

How can you integrate with our IT department?

Our staff professionals have integrated with a number of different IT environments, even multiple platforms, within the same municipality.  Whatever your priorities are, we can match them and work with your team.


How do title and lien search companies work with you, and how do we collect our municipal fees?

We are currently aligned with hundreds title and lien search companies.  They already use our platform.  In addition to having real-time access to all orders placed and completed, your staff is sent a monthly report reconciling orders placed and fulfilled, fees collected, and payment disbursement.  Municipal payments are guaranteed and remitted as directed by your Finance Department. (Check/ACH/Debit/Credit).

Who do you currently work with?

Orange Data is always adding more partners we serve, but you can refer to our website for municipal governments with which we are currently working.  Click here to see who we currently work with.

Do you have any competition?

We always encourage our potential clients to do their homework and due diligence.  With that being said, we are the ONLY company in Florida that provides a FULLY automated platform.

Tell me about your staff & team members

Dedicated to providing best-in-class customer service, our team understands that extensive resources are needed to deliver upon what we promise. Our examiners and search experts have decades of experience, extensive statewide contacts in legal, real estate & property transactions, and provide high-quality, transparent service.

Why should we partner with Orange Data?

When you make the important decision to partner with us, you will receive many benefits. The need to interact with title and lien search companies is completely eliminated.  Your valuable time is protected and interruption to your workflow is significantly reduced. You are indemnified from loss.  Results are guaranteed.  Highly transparent reporting.  Easy-to-use web portal to view all activity.  Municipal staff will not have to make or receive a call, email, letter, or fax about a title or lien search request again.....ever.  Your organization incurs ZERO COST.


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