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Our Services

At Orange Data, we specialize in data reporting for government agencies, offering streamlined solutions for lien searches, title reports, property registration, and public records requests. Our platform delivers efficient, cost-effective management of essential data.


Our Mission

We focus on providing cutting-edge, adaptable solutions to government entities, enhancing efficiency and cost management while maintaining your core priorities.


Our Commitment

  • Streamlined Processes: Save time and resources by simplifying operations.

  • Ease of Use: Improve convenience for staff and the public alike.

  • Community Trust: Ensure transparency and easy public access to information.

  • Cost Efficiency: Deliver effective services while minimizing expenses.


Our Experience

With over 15 years of growth, Orange Data is trusted by government agencies, from cities to tax authorities. Our success lies in our tailored technological solutions, driven by a deep understanding of each partner’s needs. We are dedicated to continued excellence and innovation in government data management.

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